Online Dating Profile: Make One That Rocks

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 A woman using a computer to fill her online dating profileOnline dating profiles are what potential matches see first. Your profile has to stand out from everyone else’s, spark curiosity, and essentially get that possible special someone to send you a message. Dr. Barbara Neitlich, LCSW and Psychotherapist has some great tips for building a profile that attracts the right people and gets your online relationships off to a dynamic start.

Choose a great picture that is flattering and accurate. Of course you want to pick a pic that shows you at your best, but that should be your best TODAY not ten years ago. Recruit a friend for a photo shoot. Take several full-length shots and use the best one that is clear, has proper light exposure, and shows you with a friendly, approachable expression.

Know yourself so you know what to say you are looking for in a mate. There is a difference between liking the idea of walking hand-in-hand on the beach and actually wanting to go to the beach. If you don’t like the feel of sand in your toes, don’t advertise sunset strolls on the beach as something you are looking for. By creating false ideals, you set potential dates up for failure from the start. Be yourself and be accurate in your assessment of who your Mr. or Mrs. Right is.

Don’t lie about anything, not even little things. You might think you’re just fudging the truth a teensy bit to make yourself seem more appealing, but what you are really doing is laying a false foundation for what you hope will become a solid relationship. Lies always come out at some point. When do you fess up? On the first date, the first anniversary, or when your partner discovers it on their own? If it’s the first date, why bother lying to begin with. Disclosing a non-truth anytime from then on will only cause your partner to question you and your relationship (and not in a good way). Be proud of who you are. Be proud of where you are in life.

Be candid about what you want in a relationship. If you are serious about finding a lifelong match, don’t waste your time or anyone else’s by not being clear about deal-breaker points like religion, education, and children.

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