Dating Headlines That Get You Noticed

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Dating Headlines

Online dating headlines are no different than any other type of headline—they need to grab attention. So, if you’ve done the work and created a great online dating profile but still haven’t gotten as many responses as you expected, maybe it is time you look at your headline.

Dating Headlines Make a Statement

Your dating profile headline has to make potential dates notice your profile from a gazillion others. Boring dating headlines are a dime a dozen. Creativity gets noticed. Start with something that stops them in their tracks.

Headlines need to have that ‘wow’ factor, but not in a crazy over the top way. It can be a simple statement like “I make a mean lasagna!” It’s punchy but also says something about you. Anyone reading this will immediately know A) you like to cook, and B) you’re original.

Sandy Weiner, Certified Professional Life and Dating Coach, says her first line “I drive a stick-shift” gets tons of attention. The thing you most want to avoid is starting with something cliché and expected like “I’m looking for my soul mate,” or by making an excuse like “I’m not good at talking about myself.” The first is obvious and doesn’t say anything about you at all, and the second makes you seem dull and insecure.

Be bold! Have confidence in who you are. Let people know right up front “Hey! This is just a little bit of who I am. Keep reading to find out more.” A great headline is a teaser to get someone interested. Piqué their curiosity with something fun and flirty. You’ll attract a lot more attention to your profile, which in turn means more connections.

Dating Headlines Grab Attention
Don’t forget, your online dating profile is essentially an advertisement. Everything about it should be crafted to get results. You are marketing a product (you) to a consumer (potential dates). That may sound a bit impersonal, but in the world of online dating, you get one chance to grab their attention, and that’s with a strong, effective headline. Just like any marketing ploy, the catchy ads are the ones we notice and remember. You want to make your profile both noticeable and memorable.

Choose an Identity

Apply the same theory to your screen name to get even more mileage out of your profile. Weiner recommends screen names with pizzazz. Again, you don’t need to be too clever or flashy, but do select a screen name that says something about you. Whether it is something value-based (EcoGirl) or descriptive (BlondCyclist), you are giving yourself an online identity that lets others get a sense of your personality right away.
And that’s what you want—your personality to shine through. Now get creative and jazz up those headlines!

Tell us about the catchiest headline you’ve seen. Did it make you curious or make you laugh?

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