Online Dating Timing Advice: Get Off the Computer and On the Date

Online Dating Timing AdviceOnline dating timing isn’t something most daters think about but should. Why is it so important? Without setting a timetable to stop messaging and start dating, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

Starting a relationship online can be exhilarating; you both seem to have so much in common and chatting online or on the phone has been both fun and exciting. Before you get too comfortable with your new potential love-interest, keep in mind that timing is important for building a good, solid relationship.

While it makes good sense to exchange a few emails and then chat a couple times on the phone before that first face-to-face date, you have to set guidelines for moving through these early stages of online dating slow enough to stay safe but fast enough to avoid creating a false connection.

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Online Dating Tips-Demystifying Online Dating


A list of variety of online dating tips

Online dating tips are invaluable for people new to the online dating scene. Dating sites are one of the best ways to meet new people with similar interests and relationship goals, especially for people who are either too shy or too busy, or just plain tired of the traditional dating routine. Once you’ve made the decision to give online dating a try, learning to navigate this new virtual world can be a little confusing at first. But it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Follow these simple online dating tips to get the most out of your experience.

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Online Dating: Courting for the 21st Century

The concept of online dating depicted by connecting hearts

Online dating has become the most effective way to meet new people since Y2K. While once viewed as a dubious option for desperate singles, online dating is now the preferred dating method for most people who are serious about finding a good match. Online dating was born and has grown up with the internet, and just like moving from dial-up to broadband, dating sites have come a long way by developing new tools and safety features to optimize the dating experience.

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Fun Date Ideas That Don’t Just Focus on Food

A Couple on a fun date enjoying the outdoors
Fun date ideas help keep a budding relationship interesting and exciting. Whether it is your first face-to-face or your fifth, while you are still in the early getting-to-know-you stage, spice things up by avoiding the boring old-school dinner and a movie. It’s summer! Take advantage of that great weather and set up a fun-in-the-sun date.

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Dating Safety Tips Everyone Needs to Know

A woman in a bar following one of the dating safety tips by threatening to call a cop on her drunk date

Dating safety tips should be read by all online daters to make sure they don’t fall prey to stalkers, scammers, or potential abusers. Whether are you just thinking about getting started with online dating or are a seasoned dating pro, follow these safety tips to make sure your dream date doesn’t turn into a nightmare.


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Dating Headlines That Get You Noticed

Dating Headlines

Online dating headlines are no different than any other type of headline—they need to grab attention. So, if you’ve done the work and created a great online dating profile but still haven’t gotten as many responses as you expected, maybe it is time you look at your headline.

Dating Headlines Make a Statement

Your dating profile headline has to make potential dates notice your profile from a gazillion others. Boring dating headlines are a dime a dozen. Creativity gets noticed. Start with something that stops them in their tracks.

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Relationship Advice Every Online Dater Should Know

A Couple on a dateRelationship advice experts know that online dating makes it easier for participants to sort through potential partners faster than with traditional dating, but when it comes to building a lasting relationship those same old rules apply. If you think you might be dating “the one,” and you want to avoid potential pitfalls that sabotage relationships and lead to heartache, Dr. Karen Sherman, psychologist, author, internet expert, and professor, has some great tips for fostering a successful relationship.

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Online Dating Profile: Make One That Rocks

 A woman using a computer to fill her online dating profileOnline dating profiles are what potential matches see first. Your profile has to stand out from everyone else’s, spark curiosity, and essentially get that possible special someone to send you a message. Dr. Barbara Neitlich, LCSW and Psychotherapist has some great tips for building a profile that attracts the right people and gets your online relationships off to a dynamic start.

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